LATE 2N was founded in 2015 by Creative Director Shane Fitzpatrick in the small town of Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary, Ireland. The brand is the evolution of a project known as "FITS" (2012-15) which was a streetwear brand. This foundation started to show that it was possible to exercise and produce these ideas within the country of Ireland.  LATE 2N seasonal collections for all genders are made with different themes and techniques which are fully explored through the garments, the lookbook and throughout the campaign. Each element links to each other in order to complete the visionary concept of the collection. 

LATE 2N believes that it is highly important to spread messages throughout fashion and other creative outlets and use these various platforms to make a change to the way today's world operates. LATE 2N hopes that it can inspire other artists both around the world and especially at home in Ireland that,"Your ideas are as important as anybody else's and you deserve the chance to reach your full potential no matter the surrounding circumstances".

In 2018, LATE 2N are moving towards showing their fifth collection during the Paris Fashion Week calendar along with working on an ever-evolving e-Commerce platform and being stocked by some carefully selected retailers worldwide.